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2014 Sector Driving Directions
2014 Sector Beat Maps

One of the most valuable ways to improve your skills as a fisherman is to watch an accomplished angler in action. Come join us in 'The Valley' and help put on The America Cup Fly Fishing Tournament. We need daily Controllers and can promise a great time for all involved. To be a Controller - contact Jodi Knight.

FIPS Mouche Rules - rule set used for competition

Lake venues need controllers with a drift boat or framed fishing raft with seats. The still water venues are Dillon Reservoir and Sylvan Lake. The boats are needed for all 3 days and there are security measures in place to ensure the safety of your boat and gear. If you can row or lend us a boat - please contact Jodi.

Loch Style Diagram - how this style of fishing works
To see pictures of a recent loch session in action - click here for 2011 and here for 2012.

Daily lunch & water, event fishing hat and shirt, Awards Party dinner ticket, and special discount forms from area shops and businesses. Volunteers can take advantage of the same lodging packages offered to our competitors. Learn more here.

Volunteers and Controllers - sign up here or call Controller Coordinator Jodi Knight  970-390-7425

Dates for Volunteering 2014
Friday 09.12.14 8am - 5pm - morning session - lunch - afternoon session
Saturday 09.13.14 8am - 5pm - morning session - lunch - afternoon session
Sunday 09.14.14 8am - 12pm - morning session only - lunch - awards party in evening

Rob Kolanda
The Blue River

We are looking for controllers to assist at this competition.  The job is not hard and you get to spend time on the water with some of the top anglers in the world.  A Controller is assigned to a competitor, measuring and recording the trout. It’s an opportunity to watch and learn from the best fly fisherman in the world. If you are looking to compete in a future event, this is a great way to learn the event process and to watch the stealthy techniques of some world class fly fishermen.

Measuring 101 - the tools of the trade. Click here to learn more

View our Controller Training Video Below

More videos of events and controllers on the river and in boats.


Controller CoordinatorJodi Knight  970-390-7425 |
Jodi Knight - will be contacting all controllers to go over river assignments and logistics.

Invasive Species Management 
Many teams and volunteers will be arriving several days prior to our tournament to practice and review waters. We kindly insist that all anglers and controllers clean their gear before entering our sacred waters. Many participants are arriving from out of state/country and this is a huge concern. Learn how to clean your gear.

Beat MarkerRules - We are using FIPS Mouche rules as our guidelines, some allowances will be made to ensure safety of fish. The basic rules are outlined on the Measuring Page.  The competing anglers all know the rules and should fish accordingly.  My hope is that each Controller will watch and learn from these anglers and become better fly fishermen from this experience. 

Daily Assignments - There will be a sector judge at each venue to meet you in the morning at the parking area and direct you to your beat.  The sector judge will have Controller Kits (score sheet, measuring tube, clip board, pens, and waterproof bag) and spare items for each of you.  Holding Buckets, in the event we are short handed, a controller would score 2 beats, one on either side.  We have Holding Buckets for the anglers to place scoring fish in.  The Controller would then go back and forth between the 2 beats and measure and release fish from the Holding Buckets.

Time Keeping – Please bring a watch or timekeeping device, as you are responsible for the start times and end times for your angler.   Anglers get 30 minutes to review their beat, then 3 hours to fish.  You are to provide time updates to the angler and a countdown to ending time.

Hungry & Thirsty - We will provide a box lunch and water each day for each Controller.  If you have special dietary needs, please bring your own lunch. 

Comfort - Bring a camp chair, an umbrella, or whatever makes you comfortable.  A walking stick, camera, sun hat are also great items to have in a day pack. We suggest waders and boots or wet wading gear.

Celebration – Sunday evening features the Awards Banquet that all volunteers should attend. This is a great time to chat with new friends made during the event and to hear fish stories from the competitors. Dinner is free for all volunteers.

Controller The Colorado River - Coyote Ranch

Contact Jodi to volunteer and be a Controller