The America Cup

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing & The America Cup

This year’s tournament will be preceded by a Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing 'Soldier's Day' that will be hosted through an ongoing partnership between The America Cup and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  It will offer soldiers an opportunity to get out on the water with America Cup competitors, and other supporters of The America Cup.  September 9-10, 2014 at historic Camp Hale.  Each soldier and supporter will be joined by a top competitor for a day of learning and fishing on river and lake. Nova Guides will be providing lodging, food, and transportation for the event at their Camp Hale property, where the 10th Mtn Division trained for WWII.

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2014 Soldier's Day Agenda

September 09th - Tuesday
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing soldiers and staff arrive and stay in the Pando cabins.
7:00pm - Welcome Dinner for soldiers and supporters at Nova Guides lodge at Camp Hale.

September 10th - Wednesday
7:00am - 7:00pm Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing - Soldier's Day
Nova Guides lodge at Camp Hale for River and Still Water Techniques
Soldiers and Donors will fish the Eagle River and Nova Guides private ponds
Guides will be world class competitors from The America Cup 2014.
Goal: To increase the skill set to put trout in the net through progressive fly fishing methods.

7:00am - Soldiers, guides, supporters breakfast at McAllister's Grill in Nova Guides lodge.
8:00am - Soldiers will meet at Nova Guides lodge at Camp Hale. There will be an introduction to the Camp Hale historical area and program agenda review. Soldiers will meet their guide and supporter and go over tackle and fly fishing style.
8:30am - Transportation for River Techniques with guide and supporter along the Eagle River.
1:00pm - Lunch at McAllister's Grill at Camp Hale and group pictures.
2:00pm - Still Water Techniques with guide and supporter on Longbow Pond at Nova Guides.
5:00pm - Break time to clean up for dinner.
6:00pm - Dinner Buffet served for all participants - Day ending comments, pictures, and gift presentation.
7:00pm - Open Pond Fishing and soldiers will stay over night in the Pando Cabins at Nova Guides.

Directions to Nova Guides at Camp Hale

2014 In Kind Donations provided by:
George Daniel - Dynamic Nymphing signed book for each soldier
Nova Guides - Thanks to Steve and Greg
Steve Parrot for the Instructional DVD and nymphing flies for each soldier

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a nonprofit organization that supports wounded warriors from local active and reserve military installations and the local Colorado Springs Veterans Clinic. They have been helping wounded soldiers since 2007, providing fly fishing education, trips, and equipment at no cost to the participants. Project Healing Waters is unique in that volunteers teach classes on an on-going, long term basis. It's much more than a one day fishing trip. For many participants, particularly disabled veterans, the socialization and camaraderie of the classes are just as important as the fishing outings.

Project Healing Waters

Camp Hale

Camp Hale Nova GuidesCamp Hale was established in 1942 in west-central Colorado to provide winter and mountain warfare training during World War II (WWII). The site was acquired by purchase from private owners and by use permits from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. The cantonment (or living area) area for Camp Hale was constructed in Eagle Park, east of Highway 24 between Leadville and Red Cliff, Colorado. The camp was established here because of the natural setting of a large, flat valley bottom, surrounded by steep hillsides suitable for training in skiing, rock climbing, and cold weather survival skills. The size of Camp Hale varied between 5,000 and 247,243 acres during the time that it was an active military installation.

CAmp Hale soldiersMilitary use of Camp Hale included the 10th Mountain Division, the 38th Regimental Combat Team, 99th Infantry Battalion, and soldiers from Fort Carson conducting mountain and winter warfare training exercises from 1942 to 1965. Throughout this time, the Army tested a variety of weapons and equipment at Camp Hale. From 1959 through 1965, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secretly trained Tibetan soldiers at Camp Hale. In July 1965, Camp Hale was deactivated and control of the lands returned to the Forest Service in 1966.

East Fork Valley
While munition training exercises were conducted throughout the Camp Hale area, one area of known heavy use was the East Fork valley. The East Fork valley is near the cantonment area of Camp Hale off U.S. Highway Nova Guides at Camp Hale24 and is located along the East Fork of the Eagle River. According to historical records, the valley was a major combat training area throughout the life of Camp Hale. The following munitions have been confirmed to have been used in the valley: anti-tank rockets, recoilless rifles, rifle grenades, hand grenades, high explosive and illumination mortars, artillery, practice antitank land mines, and small arms. Other munitions may also have been used in the valley. Records show that the CIA also used the valley for military training.

Nova Guides at Camp HaleNova Guides