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Last updated 06/22/2012

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

September 16th - Sunday
8:30am - 5:00pm Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
Nova Guides lodge at Camp Hale for River and Still Water Techniques
Soldiers and Donors will fish the Eagle River and Nova Guides private ponds
Guides wll be competitors from the 2012 America Cup.
Goal: To increase the angler's skill set, to put trout in the net, through progressive fly fishing methods.

This year’s tournament will be preceded by a Soldiers’ Clinic that will be hosted through an ongoing partnership between The America Cup and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  It will offer soldiers an opportunity to get out on the water with America Cup competitors, and other supporters of The America Cup.  September 16, 2012 at historic Camp Hale.  To be a supporter of this day, please contact John Knight.

Michael Drinan River Master Classes - offered September 2012

Book a private lesson from a true champion - here in America from Ireland for only a few weeks.

Loch Style Masters Class Offered
Sept. 17, 2012 - Irishmen Michael Drinan and Thomas Drinan will be offering a Loch Style fly fishing method class.
Sept. 18, 2012 - Marek Walczek of Poland and Sandro Soldarini of Italy will be offering a Master River class on the latest European methods.
Cost is $250.00 per angler. Limited availability. Book your class through Nova Guides.
Private instruction also available - contact to learn more.

To book - contact John Knight. Nova Guides will be providing the transportation and resources for this course.


AmmaLa Rods

AmmaLa Rods will be included in the winner's award packages.
Thank you to Ammala Louangketh for the continued generosity and support.

The America Cup 2011 Awards Rob Kolanda Gold Medal 2011

TAC 2011


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Volunteers needed for 2012 tournament

One of the most valuable ways to improve your skills as a fisherman is to watch an accomplished angler in action. Learn more about controlling here.

Dates for Volunteering 2012
Friday 09.21.12 8am - 5pm - morning session - lunch - afternoon session
Saturday 09.22.12 8am - 5pm - morning session - lunch - afternoon session
Sunday 09.23.12 8am - 12pm - morning session only - lunch - awards party in evening

Watch our Controller Training video here.

It's that time again to start 'Saving the Date' on your calendar. This year we are able to offer lodging packages for our volunteers so they may spend time right along side our competitors for the event and enjoy the remarkable hot spots that Vail has to offer. Contact Jodi for sign up. | Learn more about controlling here.


Loch Style sessions in 2012

Venues Fly Over

Loch Style at "The Cup". Brush up on your FIPS Mouche boat rules and get all your reels ready. We are having two loch style sessions: Sylvan Lake and Nottingham Lake. So get prepared, as skill out weights luck on the open water. Anglers - bring boat appropriate shoes - no cleats in boats.

Volunteers - we need your Drift Boats.
Contact Bob Streb or John Knight if you can provide a boat.

A bit of the European flair from the World Fly Fishing Championship 2009 - Loch Awe

click on picture to see diagram larger

Loch Day - Avon, CO - June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012, was the annual Father's Day Fishing Derby with the Town of Avon and Burger King. The America Cup hosted a 1 day loch style tournament on Lake Nottingham. The day was sunny and breezy, while the lake provided a spectacular venue below Beaver Creek. Our volunteer rowers powered through heavy winds at times, while keeping the boats drifting properly for the competing anglers. The anglers landed, scored, and released 261 trout in two sessions. Offical Results Here

Town of Avon


TroutLegend Awards will be announced at the end of this year to cap off the 2010/2011 cycle, TroutLegend rankings are the most complete and accurate statistics on competitive fly fishing in North American history.  More than 150,000 points were awarded to over 200 top placing anglers competing in 34 events spanning the 730 day cycle from January 1st 2010 to December 31st, 2011.  Events ranged across Canada and the USA; from British Columbia to North Carolina, from Quebec to New Mexico, and dozens of locations in-between. More than two dozen teams rank on the leader boards with nine being integral members of the League.

The America Cup Fly Fishing Tourament is ranked as a GOLD level event by Trout Legend.
The Loch Day, June 17th, is ranked as a BRONZE level event by Trout Legend.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Dejon Hamann
please call 716-359-8698 or email

Author Beth Groundwater spent time researching this book
with John Knight during the 2009 America Cup.

Wicked Eddies is the second book in the RM Outdoor Adventures series. Deadly Currents is the first book in this series centering around The Arkansas River and Salida, CO.

"Fly fishing is dangerous? River ranger Mandy Tanner had no idea until days before a huge tournament in Salida, Colorado. True, the Arkansas River can be a man-eater, but the rapids weren’t responsible for driving a hatchet into the neck of would-be competitor Howie Abbott―a secretive man who may have been cheating. While casting about for suspects, Mandy seeks clues from Abbott’s family members, including her best friend, bartender Cynthia Abbott. But when Cynthia becomes the prime suspect, Mandy realizes she’s wading into deeper, more hazardous waters than ever."

I've listed you and your wife in the Acknowledgments:
"I want to thank those who selflessly shared their expertise with me so this book could be as authentic as possible. ... John Knight, Director of The America Cup fly fishing tournament held every fall in Colorado, graciously let me tromp alongside rivers with him for a day and pepper him with questions while he judged the 2009 tournament. His wife Jodi also was helpful in providing behind-the-scenes details about how such tournaments are run. The characters John and Carol Squire in the book were developed to honor this hard-working and dedicated couple. ..."

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Fly Fishing Cartoon

The America Cup

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