The America Cup

Measuring 101 Information

Measuring and Scoring the Trout

The Measuring Tube and scoring trout (minimum 20 cm).
Measuring tube

Place fish in tube and pinch tail down to get correct length in cm's.
Every cm counts!

Controller Kit - (score sheet, measuring tube, clip board, pens, and waterproof bag)
The America Cup

Holding Bucket

If we are short Controllers, we will issue a Holding Bucket to the angler, and ask that the Controller score beats next to each other. Controllers will measure, score and release fish from the Holding Bucket as soon as they return to the beat. Be cautious and disturb the water as little as possible

Holding Bucket Use and Process
Angler will place bucket in slow flow area of river, level and secure spot.
Make sure bucket is at least 12 inches under the water.
Place 2-3 large flat rocks into Bucket to weight it down.
Angler may lift and reposition bucket along their beat.
Controller will score fish where bucket lies, only Angler may move bucket.
Controller will score only fish that are in the bucket at time of scoring.


Anglers - bring extra net to cover bucket.

Responsibilities of a Controller

You must check every time a competitor lands a fish that-

  • All flies are dressed on hooks which are barbless, de-barbed or squeezed down flat.
  • The distance between the flies is at least 50cm when hanging vertically.
  • The fish is landed in the net in the water.
  • Factory made floating, sinking or sink tip lines may be used (shooting heads are prohibited). 
  • Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to the leader. 
  • Competition fly lines must be a minimum of 20 meters long.
  • All weight must be incorporated within the dressing.
  • Beadhead flies are allowed provided only one bead is exposed and the exposed bead is no more than 4mm in diameter.
  • Braided leaders are not allowed.
  • Continuous Leader is allowed method for multiple flies - 3 fly limit on any given leader.
  • No split shot, no strike indicators. No tying off the bend of the hook or again thru the eye on the fly.

You must check that the fish counts-

  • Fish that is greater than or equal to 20 cm, using provided Measuring Tube.
  • 100 points per fish, plus 20 points per cm – example a 20cm fish = 100 + (20cm*20pts = 400) + 400 = 500 points scored.
  • Only fish hooked in the mouth area, i.e. in front of the gill cover will be eligible for the awarding of points.
  • A fish hooked inside the time limit is eligible if it is landed not more than ten (10) minutes after the end of the period.
  • That the netting of the fish is done by the competitor.
  • In the event of the loss of a fish by a controller before measurement, the competitor will be awarded the average of the points for all valid fish taken in that sector in that period.
  • If we are short on Controllers, we will issue a Holding Bucket to the angler - measure, score and release fish from the Holding Bucket as soon as you return to the beat.
  • Record the time, fish measurement and fish type onto the Scoring Sheet.
  • Must have the competitors confirm catch information by signing their scorecard at the end of the session.
  • Must give the carbon copy of the score sheet to Angler – then give top copy of score sheet to Sector Judge.

You must not-

  • Give advice on how to or where to fish.
  • Supply tackle.

It is desirable if you-

  • Carry a copy of the rules with you.  Fips-Mouche rules
  • Ask if you are unsure of any of the rules, your Sector Judge will be able to help.
  • Familiarize yourself with the beat that your competitor is going to fish.
  • If there is a breach of a rule then it is your responsibility to gather the facts and evidence necessary to prepare a report for the Event Committee.

Rule exception(s)-

  • Hooks with pinched down barbs will be allowed this year.
  • The angler may assist you with hook removal and measuring, to ensure safety of fish.
  • We will allow for this assisted measuring to better serve the trout. ~JK

Controller training video

Beat Marker
Beat marker and flagging

The America Cup measuring tubes in cm's.

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