The America Cup

River & Loch Style Master Classes

A Once in a Lifetime opportunity to learn from the Best of the Best!
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Loch Style Masters ClassNova Guides

Sept.. 17, 2012 Monday - Irishmen Michael Drinan and Thomas Drinan will be teaching a Loch Style fly fishing method class. Two top European anglers from Ireland will be teaching this class.

Michael DrinanMichael Drinan (Ireland) won The America Cup individual Gold Medal in 2008, is a 2 time Irish River Champion, ranked 7th in the European Fly Fishing Championships 2006, has 6 International CAPS for Ireland, and 10 Interpro Medals by Team,and just competed in the 2012 World Championships in Slovenia for Team Ireland.

Thomas DrinanThomas Drinan (Ireland) had won the Irish International and All-Ireland Champion, has a BS of Applied Ecology, currently engaged in a PHD in Freshwater Ecology, and 5th Place Individual Overall 2011 Italy FIPS World Championships. Having been on the cover of many magazines, his personality is as bright as his smile.

River Masters ClassNova Guides

Sept. 18, 2012 Tuesday - Marek Walczek of Poland and Sandro Soldarini of Italy will be teaching a Master River class on the latest European methods. Two top European anglers from Poland and Italy will be teaching this class.

Marek WalczekMarek Walczek (Poland) won the FIPS World Fly Fishing Championship in 2007 Individual Gold Medal - World Champion - and continues to represent Team Poland as a competing angler each year. Marek was on the winning America Cup team in 2011, and did we mention that he is a World Champion!

Sandro SoldariniSandro Soldarini (Italy) is a top angler for Team Italy and has competed in 8 World Fly Fishing Championships and is currently on the staff of the Czech Republic Team. With over a dozen medals won, he added another by winning the 2011 Team Medal at The America Cup in Vail. Wrote the book: " Nymphing Modern Techniques" for G.e.a edition and works for the magazine Sedge & Mayfly. He has a small company "Soldarini Fly Tackle" that specializes in high quality flies, hand made rods, hand made hooks and much more.


New techniquesCost is $250.00 per angler, per class. Limited availability.
Book your class through Nova Guides. 719-486-2656.
Classes will start at the Nova Guides lodge at Camp Hale, lunch will be provided.
Anglers taking class must bring their own gear and waders.
Class is from 8am to 3pm.

Private instruction also available - contact to learn more.

What will you learn?

Entomology | Fish behavior | Reading a river or loch | Leader make up/ tackle | Techniques

All casting techniques are discussed and demonstrated in detail. All these will help you improve your fishing skills and will you a greater edge on all types of rivers.  Taking you through step by step instruction on; Dry Fly, Wet Fly, Long Line Nymphing, Short Line Nymphing, (Czech Nymphing), Streamer, and unique styles of downstream nymphing which has provided amazing results.

Loch Style will hone your skills for boat and shore fishing. Casting techniques, tackle, leader, rod selection, and fly selections will be covered. How to manage the drift and which line types to use will be discussed in depth.

Michael Drinan Euro Nymphing Techniques