The America Cup

2008 Event Information

The America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament 2008

Thank you to all the competitors, volunteers, controllers, drivers, ranch owners, sponsors, and the Town of Frisco for participating and making The Cup a great success this year!

Team Final Standing 2008 2008 1st Place Michael Drinan
1st Place Team - Team USA 2
2nd Place - Team USA 1
3rd Place - Team World Cast Anglers
Individual Final Standing 2008
1st Place Michael Drinan (Team Emerger)
2nd Place Devon Olsen (Team USA 1)
3rd Place Bret Bishop (Team USA 2)
Results Scoring Sheets
Final Individual Results
Final Team Results
Final Scoring Sheet
Scoring By Name Totals
Scoring By Team Totals

"As the mayor of the Town of Frisco, I would like to personally invite you to take part in the America Cup International Tournament.  The Town of Frisco is proud to be hosting this prestigious event September 8 - 12, 2008."
Bernie Zurbriggen, Mayor of Frisco

“As I sat on the side of the stream watching one of the best fishermen in the
world, two thoughts hit me; Fishing is such a great way to enjoy the outdoors
and how much I still have to learn. We can’t wait for year two of the America
Cup to makes its way back up stream to the Town of Frisco.”

Tim Bock - Town of Frisco, Director of Marketing

“An awesome event with so much opportunity to learn and exchange fly fishing
tips and stories with all the international participants.”

J. Kyle Bodhaine - President, Reid & Associates

Team USA 2


Team Usa 2008

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