The America Cup



2009 Participating Teams

Team #1 Eugene Shuler & Chris Lee - North Carolina Fly Fishing Team

Eugene Shuler & Chris Lee

Team #2 Ryan Harmon & Kevin Lowe - North Carolina Fly Fishing Team

Ryan Harmon & Kevin Lowe

Team #3 Paul Colcord & Michael Yelton - North Carolina Fly Fishing Team

Paul Colcord & Michael Yelton

and our support team

Team #4 Charles Thompson & Rita Sanchez - of New Mexico

Charles Thompson & Rita Sanchez

Team #5 Ian 'Gilby' Gilberson & David 'The Professor' Karnos - Team Aussie Outlaws

Ian 'Gilby' Gilberson & David 'The Professor' Karnos

Team #6 Robert 'Acco' Atkins & Andrew 'Pooch' Panuccio - Team Aussie Outlaws

Acco Pooch

Team #7 Tony 'Tone' Edwards & Ian Meader - Team Aussie Outlaws

Team #8 Sandy Wright & Janet Lopez - Colorado River Chicks

Sandy Wright & Janet Lopez

Team #9 Dzifa (Jeefa) Glymins & Adam Dudek - Team Caddis

Dzifa (Jeefa) Glymins & Adam Dudek

Team #10 Adam Boehlke & Steven Bowka - Team Blue River Anglers

Adam Boehlke & Steven Bowka



We are using the IFGA and Fips-Mouche Rules as are our guidelines.

  • All common practice fly fishing methods and fly fishing tackle will be allowed.
  • All fly fishing must be done on Public Water. (Private or pay water is prohibited).
  • 3 Fly barbless limit.
  • Only fish hooked in the mouth area, i.e. in front of the gill cover will be eligible for the awarding of points.
  • A Foul hooked fish will not score /a dead fish will not score.
  • No ‘hole holding’ will be allowed by any outside resources.
  • That the netting of the fish can be done by either competitor.
  • The angler may assist with the measuring of the fish (protect your points).
  • In the event of the loss of a fish by a controller or angler, no points will be awarded (protect your points, work together).
  • Record the time, fish measurement and fish type onto the Scoring Sheet.
  • Must have the competitors confirm catch information by signing their scorecard at the end of the session.
  • Fishing etiquette is required, expected, and mandatory – do not be pushy with area anglers.
  • Fishing begins immediately after being assigned your controller and continues until the cut off time.
  • Must return to Scoring Center by set time or a Point Penalty will be applied – a deduction of 2000 points.
  • Scoring - Fish (trout only) that is greater than or equal to 20 cm, using provided Measuring Tube.
  • 100 points per fish, plus 20 points per cm – example a 20cm fish = 100 + (20cm*20pts = 400) + 400 = 500 points scored.
  • Biggest Fish Scoring – measured by length, if a tie occurs, then ADD next largest fish until winner.
  • If there is a breach of a rule, it is the controller’s responsibility to gather the facts and evidence necessary to prepare a report for the event committee.
  • The captain’s meeting– we will go over the rules and any modifications then.

The spirit of the Rally is to enable Teams to fish the water they know, the way they know!

tac fish

The event format will be a ‘Fishing Rally’.  Each team will meet in the morning at the Scoring Center where a controller will be assigned to each 2 man team.  The team will then take a single vehicle and fish anywhere they want.  Valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance is required. The accompanying Controller must measure and record scoring fish.  There will be a set time to return to the Scoring Center and failure to return on time will void that days scores. 
Fish the water you know, the way you know!

We are planning to have the Controllers drive and provide the transportation for each team. We must encourage safe driving and to stay within the limits of the law. Get a map, plan your days fishing. Watch the clock. Be back to the Scoring Center on time. We must live to fish another day!

Team sign up information click here

A $550.00 per 2 man team fee covers registration and the awards dinner to be held on the 28th at Frisco
Marina. This event will be open to the public with food and drink provided. We are working with local
lodgers to provide discounts for the teams. The lodging information will be sent out to the competing teams.


If you would like to submit a team for participation in this event

Please contact Dave Pehle


Colorado teamwork


tac fish